About Traywick Properties

Traywick Properties was started by Texas native Randall Traywick. Living in Central Texas for all of his life, Randall naturally knows the ins and outs of what it takes to enjoy your property during the good times, and the not so good. Offering complete property management solutions requires many different skill sets however. Randall has a formal education in Electronics and has worked for companies such as Motorola, Advanced Micro Devices, and Dell. Recently Randall furthered his education at Texas State University and decided to put his talents to work in a more creative - self driven way. Randall's property management experiences have included elbow grease type work such as restoring and installing an Aermotor Windmill, to detail oriented tasks like presenting a Re-Zoning Case to the Austin City Council.

Look at the gallery below to see our property management team in action...place your cursor over the photo for a description of the action.

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